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I would suggest to anyone who is serious about getting their life back on track to get life coaching from Victoria. She is helpful, professional and a great support on your journey to peace!    ~ Elizabeth

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Welcome to Journey to Peace

Have you ever felt like there must be more to life than this?  Have you ever wondered why you're here? Do you do all the right things but still feel unfulfilled, lonely or lost?  Journey to Peace was created out of my search for meaning.  I offer it to you as a place to come and find yourself, find your purpose, find your passion.  Perhaps you will find what you seek on your yoga mat.  Perhaps it will be in meditation or in laughter. Perhaps it will be through life coaching or hypnotherapy. There is no telling where or when or how you will discover the answers you seek.  But I know you will not find more unless you first search.  Journey to Peace offers a safe haven for people to come together, create community and explore new ideas.  

You are welcome here.